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The Northeastern Gate of Palaipaphos possessed a dominating position above the city at the hill of Markellos and it constituted one of the bulwarks of the ancient fortifications. It is found near the street to the village Arhimandita, at a distance of 600 meters from the village. At the sides of the Gate, recent excavations brought in the light complicate works that give live pictures of its technical siege at the antiquity and they lend uniqueness in the space of ...
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The history of the temple of Venus is situated at the very old years. They exist two traditions for its foundation. According to Pavsanias, the temple of Venus was built by Agapinoras, who while returning to his homeland, from Troia, was drifted from the sea in the coasts of Cyprus. An other fable attributes the foundation of the temple in the very rich Cypriot king Kinyras, the father of Adonis that lived still very old during the season of the war at ...
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At the entrance of the administrative region of Pafo's district, in the south coast of the island and in one of the most beautiful beaches of Cyprus, with excellent natural beauty where the mountain sluggishly joins with the sea, lies "Petra tou Romiou". It is a large rock -actually an atoll -from the depths of the ocean's bed. Upon the rock one can find fossils, corals, and pieces of shells. The rock is accompanied by other ...
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A beautiful oasis built of stone at 470m above sea level, enchanting the visitor with its beauty at first sight, that’s Kritou Terra.
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Cyprus Articles [ Which witchcraft is illegal in Cyprus? ]

Which witchcraft is illegal in Cyprus?


I have been moved to write to you after my husband and I witnessed a horrific incident a few weeks ago. It has been preying on my mind ever since and especially in the light of the ridiculous arrest of poor Wilf Truscott.

About 7am on Sunday morning, we were taking our usual walk around Peyia village. As we turned into the little churchyard of Panayias Zalakiotissas this shocking sight met our eyes: a Cypriot man had just begun what we believed to be the slaughter of a goat (with nothing sharper than a knife you would use to butter bread)!

The blood had just started to flow and the man was busy making the sign of the cross with it on the foreheads of another couple standing by, his own forehead and the goat’s while the poor beast rolled its eyes heavenwards. The man even said ‘Kalimera’ as we passed.

I understand that Wilf Truscott, who has all the necessary licences and permits for his business, is being charged under the suspicion of practising witchcraft. I have never met Mr Truscott but I have heard that he is an excellent clairvoyant and I am sure he has given great comfort and hope to many people with his gift. By the way, the Oxford English Dictionary defines clairvoyance as “exceptional insight”.

I would also like to point out that in civilised countries, the ritual slaughter of animals in churchyards is immediately and most definitely associated with black witchcraft and devil worship. Whilst you would not be prosecuted for such beliefs, as they are your own business, you would certainly be charged with cruelty to animals with the full force of the law.

One wonders whether Mr Truscott is to be strapped to a ducking stool or burned at the stake under the Cypriot justice system?

While he waits to hear, perhaps he could locate the man with the goat and find out how witchcraft is really done!

E. Stansfield

(Source: Cyprus Mail)
Copyright © Cyprus Mail 2008 Please contact Cyprus Mail for the copyright terms of this article.


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