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Μια περιδιάβαση στο χωριό Αγρός μπορεί να αναδείξει σημαντικές πτυχές της παράδοσης, της ιστορίας και γενικότερα του πολιτισμού. Ας αρχίσουμε, όμως την περιήγησή μας σ’ ένα από τα ομορφότερα χωριά του νησιού. Περιδιαβαίνοντας κανείς στον Αγρό εντυπωσιάζεται με τον αμφιθεατρικό τρόπο δόμησης του οικισμού, καθώς και με τα κτίσματα λαϊκής αρχιτεκτονικής που διασώζονται κυρίως στην καρδιά του χωριού. Τα σπίτια είναι απόλυτα «εναρμονισμένα με το περιβάλλον», εφ’όσον φτιάχνονταν με τα υλικά που παρείχε η ...
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While wandering in the picturesque roads of Agros one can meet the tradition, history and culture of the island. But let’s now begin our tour in one of the most beautiful village of Cyprus. One of the most remarkable aspects of Agros is the amphitheatrical way it is built. The traveler will be amazed by the beautiful buildings of folklore art which decorate the centre of the village. All the houses are built with local materials and more specifically big and rough stones. The roofs ...
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Kakopetria with a population of approximately 2000 is situated at the southern and highest part of the Solea Valley, 2200-2800 feet above sea level in the evergreen Troodos mountains - a place that makes Kakopetria the ideal spot for all seasons. The Old Kakopetria village is built at the east bank of the Karkotis river which is full of old giant oak trees. The name (Kakopetria) originates from the two words "kaki-petra" which means "bad-stone". According to a legend the village got the name after a big ...
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Brief history of the villageToday the village is known as Platres, without the word "Pano" (Upper) preceding it, in contrast to the neighbouring village Tornaritis that is referred to as "Kato Platres" (Lower Platres). It is a misperception that Platres is a new village founded during the recent years. Platres is a very old village. It is mentioned among the 119 villages of the Limassol district that existed during the Lusignan (Frank Rule, 1192-1489 AD) and the Venetian Era (1489-1571 AD). ...
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Cyprus Articles [ ‘Contemptuous’ defendants acquitted in ‘Chinese vice’ trial ]

‘Contemptuous’ defendants acquitted in ‘Chinese vice’ trial

Poly Pantelides

THREE people, including a high ranking police officer, on trial in relation to a prostitution ring were acquitted yesterday because of what the judge called the  “contemptuous” attitude of the witnesses and their unwillingness “to tell the truth.”

The defendants were the police migration department’s deputy commander Nicos Theodorou; Mingxia Hua, a Chinese woman known as ‘Nancy’; and Panayiotis Cosiaris, a pensioner who owned the flats where 46 Chinese immigrants were rounded up from the police during a raid on March 15 last year.

The defendants were facing a number of charges in relation to pimping, maintaining a house of prostitution, exploitation, abuse of power, corruption, indecent assault, bribery, money laundering, among others.

Charges were pressed after the police during a raid in March last year uncovered a prostitution ring thought to date back to 2008.

The prosecution based its case on the testimonies of seven Chinese women, thought to be victims of sexual exploitation, who were under police protection.

Three criminal court judges said that the case failed because two of the prosecution witnesses “came to court determined not to speak the truth and as a result were declared hostile witnesses while three others… took care to retract from their statements to a large extent anything incriminating the accused”. 

During the trio’s remand hearings last year, a large number of allegations of sexual and psychological manipulation were made.

The court heard that pimped women were allegedly forced to have sex with the police officer who regularly visited the flats hosting the prostitution ring.

Some women were allegedly illegally admitted to Cyprus by the police officers or allegedly illicitly released from prison.

“You have to have sex with the very powerful policeman,” one woman was allegedly told while ‘Nancy’ told another that “problems can be taken care of”.

Another woman said she was told: “you’ll be a whore if you come to Cyprus”.

However, during the trial the witnesses retracted their testimonies.

Two witnesses said the police pushed them to give statements and “strongly conveyed the impression to court they were not willing to tell the truth,” the court said adding that their attitude was “contemptuous”.

“As a result the accused were either discharged or found innocent” of a number of charges and the defence’s request to drop the case in the remaining charges was accepted, the court said.

One witness said “prostitution issues were completely foreign to her.” Another one, “essentially refused to answer simple but key questions, basically using an illness as an excuse,” court said.

The court said that five of the witnesses came to court “as good wind-up little soldiers with the purpose of stripping their testimonies of anything incriminating”.

It added that “the only thing which emerges” through the testimonies of the witnesses is that in addition to the relationship they had with ‘Nancy,’ “everyone…had some kind of relationship” with Theodorou, the police officer.

He “was a regular visitor in the house they frequented and obviously for reasons that were irrelevant to his position as deputy commander of immigration police,” court said. Theodorou is currently suspended “until further notice,” police spokesman Andreas Angelides said. He said a disciplinary investigation against Theodorou was ongoing.

(Source: Cyprus Mail)
Copyright © Cyprus Mail 2008 Please contact Cyprus Mail for the copyright terms of this article.


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