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Lemythou is situated in one of the highest regions of Cyprus. It is a village of the south Marathasa territory, built like an amphitheatre in a verdant natural environment. It has an average altitude of 1100 metres and is included among the 10 highest villages of Cyprus. It is located at about 65 kilometres north-west of the city of Limassol and about 85 kilometres from the city of Nicosia. Lemythou receives a very high average, annual rainfall ranging around 900 ...
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The village Lofou lies 26 Kilometres Northwest of Limassol. It is built over the hills like an amphitheatre, at an altitude of about 800 meters. It is isolated because the road-path does not continue beyond the village. Turnpike roads connect Lofou with Ipsonas and with the Limassol-Platres road at the level of Alassa. In the Southwest it is connected with the village St. Therapontas and through a rural road it connects with Pera Pedi. The village owes its name ...
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Omodos is located about 42 kilometres north-west of the city of Limassol, in the geographical region of the wine-making villages. It is built near the west bank of the Cha-potami river at an average altitude of 810 meters. The village is surrounded by tall mountaintops, the tallest of which are "Afames" (1153 m.) and "Kremmos of Laona" (Laona's Steep, 1092 m.). The village receives an annual average rainfall of about 760 millimetres; vines and various fruit-trees (apple, plum, pear, ...
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East of Olympus, at an altitude of 1380 meters, lies the village of Pano Amiantos, which is considered as one of the highest villages of Cyprus. The village is located next to the known mine of Amiantos, to which it owes its name and existence. Pano Amiantos receives an annual rainfall of about 1072 millimetres -one of the highest in Cyprus. It is worth noting that during the first three months of the year the rainfall run up to 551 millimetres, surpassing the average rainfall of Cyprus. The rains often ...
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Cyprus Articles [ Captain of stranded ship still on board ]

Captain of stranded ship still on board

Bejay Browne

ONE MONTH on, the large commercial ship which ran aground in Paphos during bad weather on December 8 is still stranded on the rocks, and the captain is still on board.

According to Peyia police the vessel - which was on its way to Rhodes from Limassol when it was grounded - is still stuck on the rocks, and they have no idea if or when it will be removed.

A Peyia police spokesman told the Sunday Mail: ”As far as we are aware it hasn’t yet been decided if the ship will be moved or not, the owners of the vessel are currently discussing the matter with the navy’s commercial department.”

The ship is stranded 15 metres from shore in Paphos’ Sea Caves area, and concern over the precarious position of the vessel is mounting.

“I’m sure there will be storms, and I’m worried that the ship will become dislodged and cause serious problems,” said Peyia resident Monika Bleckson.

“I pass the ship every day and I can’t believe weeks later that it’s still there. Action must be taken to move it; we don’t want another wreck in the area. It will create another eyesore.”

Further along the coast the Honduran-flagged Demetrios II ran aground in stormy seas in 1998. Plans to scuttle the wreck were shelved last year after a study revealed it had deteriorated into a rust bucket and must now be removed.

After the latest incident the ship’s captain and first engineer remained on board the vessel, but the rest of the crew were transferred to a hotel in Limassol. According to police, the captain is now on board alone and will probably remain on board until a decision on the ship’s fate is taken.

The spokesman said: “The captain isn’t vacating the ship, if he did this would mean that anyone could claim the vessel, especially if it’s removed.”

No-one was hurt during the incident in December, but the crew of seven had to be airlifted to safety by a police helicopter.

Police confirmed the ship had run aground due to bad weather, with winds reaching gale force.


(Source: Cyprus Mail)
Copyright © Cyprus Mail 2008 Please contact Cyprus Mail for the copyright terms of this article.


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