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While wandering in the picturesque roads of Agros one can meet the tradition, history and culture of the island. But let’s now begin our tour in one of the most beautiful village of Cyprus. One of the most remarkable aspects of Agros is the amphitheatrical way it is built. The traveler will be amazed by the beautiful buildings of folklore art which decorate the centre of the village. All the houses are built with local materials and more specifically big and rough stones. The roofs ...
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Kakopetria with a population of approximately 2000 is situated at the southern and highest part of the Solea Valley, 2200-2800 feet above sea level in the evergreen Troodos mountains - a place that makes Kakopetria the ideal spot for all seasons. The Old Kakopetria village is built at the east bank of the Karkotis river which is full of old giant oak trees. The name (Kakopetria) originates from the two words "kaki-petra" which means "bad-stone". According to a legend the village got the name after a big ...
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Brief history of the villageToday the village is known as Platres, without the word "Pano" (Upper) preceding it, in contrast to the neighbouring village Tornaritis that is referred to as "Kato Platres" (Lower Platres). It is a misperception that Platres is a new village founded during the recent years. Platres is a very old village. It is mentioned among the 119 villages of the Limassol district that existed during the Lusignan (Frank Rule, 1192-1489 AD) and the Venetian Era (1489-1571 AD). ...
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Omodos is located about 42 kilometres north-west of the city of Limassol, in the geographical region of the wine-making villages. It is built near the west bank of the Cha-potami river at an average altitude of 810 meters. The village is surrounded by tall mountaintops, the tallest of which are "Afames" (1153 m.) and "Kremmos of Laona" (Laona's Steep, 1092 m.). The village receives an annual average rainfall of about 760 millimetres; vines and various fruit-trees (apple, plum, pear, peach, ...
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Cyprus Articles [ The ancient theatre of Kourion ]

The ancient theatre of Kourion

The ancient theatre of Kourion stands on the south end of the steep seashore of Kourion. It consists of a semi-circular orchestra that was fenced on the side of the sea by the decorative facade of the stage's structure, which elevated behind the foreground (proscenium) where the performances took place. Only the foundations are extant from that segment.

In the cove of the theatre stood the tiers, one row over the other, admitting 3500 viewers. An arched corridor, around the back part of the theatre, connected through five passages to the frieze that separated the tiers at about the 2/3 of the distance from the upper end of the cove. Over the last row of seats there was a colonnade that surrounded the cove and formed a gallery over the arched corridor.

The structure of the stage originally reached the height of the cove and must have been usually used as a tall screen over the largest part of the semi-circular area. On each side, between the structure of the stage and the orchestra, two arched byways led into the theatre and at the same time connected to the arched corridor that existed around the back part of the cove.

The original theatre was smaller -according to the Greek norm -and had been built at the end of the 2nd century BC. At any rate, in the beginning of the Roman era the two ends of the cove were cut off, the orchestra was restricted and remained a bit larger than the semi-circle, and a new stage structure was built.
During the 2nd century AD the theatre expanded to its present day size and the structure of the stage was renovated, this time with imposing marble-made columns and eaves; some pieces are visible on the south, close to the ruins. Structural errors and a weak substructure during this expansion made the addition of large struts by the east side of the new circular wall necessary. Between the two struts that stand on the northernmost ends, a stairwell leading to the upper part of the cove was built.

During the end of the 2nd or the beginning of the 3rd century AD, a new arrangement of the theatre was made so that it would be used for the popular spectacle of beast-fighting. The lower rows of the tiers were moved so that the most proximate viewers would be sitting at a safe distance over the orchestra, which was now an arena, and a metallic grating was placed on the upper part of the arena's wall. The partly blocked, arched passage was used as a refuge for the beast-fighters when they were not fighting in the arena.

Before the end of the 3rd century AD the arena was once again transformed to a regular theatre and the lower rows of seats, which were carved and placed offhand, belong to this reconstruction. During the 4th century AD the theatre seems to had been abandoned and since then it suffered serious damages due to the removal of structural material from its solid walls.

In 1961 the Department of Antiquities restored the theatre and today it is used for concerts and performances of ancient Greek tragedies and Shakespearean plays.

One who is visiting the ancient theatre of Kourion cannot avoid admiring its excellent acoustics. In whichever seat you take, you will observe the performance perfectly. The placement of the theatre, with the deep blue sea as background, is one more advantage that this amazing theatre has to offer.



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