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The village Tala is found in the district of Pafos, at a distance of 8 kilometers north of the city of Pafos, within a magical natural environment. In regards to transportation, the village connects to the monastery of “Agios Neofytos” in the northeast (about 2 kilometers), which is within its administrative boundaries. In the south it connects with the village Emba (about 4 kilometers) and from there on with the city of Pafos. The village is built at an average altitude of 280 meters. It has a general tilt from ...
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At a distance of about one thousand meters from the community of Tala lies the monastery of Agios Neofytos. The founder of the monastery, St. Neofytos, was born in Lefkara in 1134 from a poor and large family. At the age of 18 his parents got him engaged in spite of his wishes (in those days the marriage affairs were handled by the parents without asking the opinion of those that were about to be married). So St. neophytes abandoned the village and secretly went to the monastery of St. John “the Chrysostom” of ...
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The village Tremithousa or Trimithousa is located about 4 kilometers northeast of the city of Pafos. Because of the close distance from Pafos the villages is also known as Tremithousa of Pafos. The village is built at an average altitude of 270 meters. Its area has a general inclination from the northeast to the southwest and the altitude ranges from 150 to 500 meters. Tremithousa receives an average annual rainfall of about 520 millimeters; vines of winemaking varieties, vegetables, cereals, forage ...
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Tsada is a mountainous village of Pafos's District, in the geographical region of the wine-producing villages of Limassol – Pafos. The community is situated at an average altitude of 600 meters and receives an average annual rainfall of around 610 millimeters. Since very old times viticulture has been the main occupation and the basic source of income for most of the community's inhabitants. Apart from the vines, cereals, forage plants, carobs, olive-trees, walnut and almond trees, a few fruit-trees (apple, ...
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Cyprus Articles [ List of villages occupied by Turkish military forces in 1974. ]

List of villages occupied by Turkish military forces in 1974.

Villages occupied ILLEGALLY by Turkey since 1974

 Akanthou &II
 Ammochostos (Famagusta)
 Ardana &II
 Ag Eirini
 Ag Marina
 Ayia Marina Skyllouras
 Ag Andronicos
 Ag Andronicos (Ammo.)
 Ayios Amvrosios &II
 Ag Chariton
 Ag Epiktitos
 Ag Ermolaos
 Ag Evstathios
 Ag Georgios Ker
 Ag Georgios Lefkas
 Ag Georgios (Ammochostos)
 Ag Iakovos
 Ag Ilias
 Ag Nikolaos Ammoch
 Ag Nikolaos Lef.
 Ag Sergios
 Ag Symeon
 Ag Theodoros
 Agia Trias
 Agios Vassilios
 Bogaz K
 Dio Potami
 Elia (Lefkosia)
 Hamid Mandres
 Kalochorio Lefkas
 Kato Dikomo
 Kato Kopia
 Kato Zodeia
 Koma tou Yialou
 Komi Kepir
 Kourou Monastiri
 Kyrenia I & II &III
 Lapithos (Lambousa)
 Larnaka tis Lapithou
 Lefkonino I & II
 Limnia &II
 Louroudjina (Louroukina)
 Mia Milia
 Neochorio Kythr.
 Pano Dikomo
 Pano Zodia
 Pervolia Tr.
 Petra Digeni
 Potamos tou Kampou
 Prastio (Larnaka)
 Prastio (Ammochostos)
 Tavros (Tavrou)
 Vatili &II (Vatyli)
 Zodhia Kato
 Zodhia Pano

The village was built after a prosecuted by the Turks "Kalogrea" (woman monk) found refuge inside a cave at the location of the village. Near Kalogrea village is located the famous Christian Greek Orthodox monastery of Antiphonitis (Antifonitis). The monastery of Antifonitis was one of the most beautifully decorated monasteries, with ancient Byzantine frescoes. It was too destroyed and looted by barbarian Turks.

Occupied Karmi village is located in Kyrenia district Cyprus, on Mount Pentadactylos and before the 1974 Turkish invasion it was inhabited solely by Greek Cypriots. Karmi village has been ILLEGALLY SOLD by the Turkish occupation regime to foreign citizens, mainly Britons and Germans, shortly after the 1974 Turkish invasion.

We want to make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR to the British and Germans that have acquired properties in Karmi that their "title" is not valid because they have acquired STOLEN property belonging to Greek Cypriots. Inter alias, they interfere with Article 1 of Protocol 1 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms concerning the rightful ownership, access, and enjoyment of property. Greek Cypriots are determined to exhaust all lawful means to get their properties back, following the landmark legal precedence of Loizidou v. Turkey (ECHR).

Turks have also illegally founded an American University and research center in Karmi, in order to legitimize the ILLEGAL 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

Lysi village in Mesaoria, Famagusta district, CYPRUS. Birth town of the legendary Gregoris Pieris Afxentiou, Anti-lieutenant of the Greek army, and second in command of the Cypriot Liberation Organisation E.O.K.A. that was fighting the British colonial power between 1955-1959, and helped to achieve independence in 1960. In 1955 the British offered 5,000 English pounds for his capture. Afxentiou died heroically on the 3rd of March 1957, inside his hide-out near Macheras Greek Orthodox monastery on Macheras mountains, fighting against the British colonial Rule of Cyprus. He fought for more than 8 hours, single handed, against a regiment of British paratroopers that surrounded him after he was betrayed. The British, being unable to capture, or subdue him, and in view of mounting losses that they suffered, they threw petrol/gas inside the cave and burned him alive, only succeeding to prove once more that: "...from now on we will not say that Greeks fight like Heroes, but that Heroes fight like the Greeks..."!!!(BBC broadcast during WWII)


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