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By Peter Stevenson MEMBERS of Volunteer Doctors Cyprus have treated around 350 people at their free clinic in Nicosia since it opened three months ago, while two more, one in Paphos and one in Polis are due to open today. Limassol also has a free clinic, which was opened only last month, and plans have been drawn ...
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SOME 10 days ago, foreign minister Ioannis Kasoulides raised expectations by announcing the possibility of a deal with Turkey for the opening of the fenced off area of Famagusta, for the return of its inhabitants. In exchange the Cyprus government would agree to the opening of Tymbou airport to direct flights. ...
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By George Psyllides PRIVATE auditors have expressed doubt the electricity authority (EAC) could be considered a going concern and have asked its board to draft a credible plan to tackle the problem, according to the auditor-general’s 2012 report on the semi-state company. Among other issues, ...
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Cyprus Internet Directory [ Isabella’s ramblings: a lesson in how not to end a relationship ]

Isabella’s ramblings: a lesson in how not to end a relationship

SOME MEN deserve to have their genitals cut with razor blades and then dipped in acid. I can come up with at least half a dozen who deserve such a fate off the top of my head, but right now I’ll stick to my friend’s ex-boyfriend.

The guy is a prick with a capital ‘P’. None of us can bear the sound of his name, let alone the sight of him. He is a total, utter shit. I hope his penis shrivels up and drops off.

Everyone thinks he’s a shit – even his own friends. Not exactly a reputation I’d aspire for. I can see why some men might consider ‘womaniser’ to be a good rep to have, because that would mean you’re getting more than your fair share of some, but a ‘shit’? No one wants to be a shit. Especially not a despicable, heartless, thoughtless, selfish, weasel of a shit.

He will regret the way he treated his ex. My friend is a gem and he isn’t even a rough diamond. He’s just a lump of coal. Hell, he’s not even coal: he’s some filthy lump of matter at the bottom of a murky pond with dead fish. He’s the fungus growing on the lump of matter. He’s scum.

I’m so angry because my friend is an absolute sweetheart and an amazing woman. You’ll likely think me biased because she’s my friend, but the truth is I’m not. She is gorgeous, gifted, funny, intelligent, well-read, interesting, quirky, with great style and legs to die for. I’ve also heard she’s pretty good in bed. So what else does the shit want? She was also highly supportive of him and extremely loving. Apparently that wasn’t good enough though. What the hell do men want? Apparently her ex has suddenly remembered that in the beginning of their relationship, all those years ago, she was rather distant and difficult with him. She had just come out of another long-term relationship and had trust issues, which he has now gone and cemented!

During their break-up, she told him that she’d committed to him when they moved in together. Einstein claims he was committed from Day 1. Whatever. No one commits from Day-bloody-1. If he means he was faithful and willing to try having a relationship, then so was she. OK apparently she used to break up with him for a few hours here and there during those first months. But that was six bloody years ago. I think he’s just being a pathetic, emotional weakling and is unable to say: “Hey, you know what? I fell out of love. Shit happens.”

OK maybe it wouldn’t come out quite like that, but you know what I mean. Instead he has to appease his guilt by blaming her for past mistakes. That is not only highly immature but it is a barefaced lie. If it had been such a problem, he’d have broken up with her a good 70 months ago, not just last month. Unless he’s claiming to have been ‘so’ committed to their relationship that he worked at it for six whole years only to realise it wasn’t going to work anymore and finally had to end it. Would love to believe him, but quite frankly I don’t. None of us do.

What really gets to me is that the toad has moved his new girlfriend into their old apartment. He also felt the need to tell my friend that they’d been having sex in their bed. On their sheets. Which they’d bought together while holidaying in India last year. Such cruelty was unnecessary. Then, to make matters worse, he has plastered ‘his and her’ photos all over his Facebook profile. There’s even a photo he’s practically humping this girl on the couch.

It’s so distasteful and completely pointless. Why do that? What has my friend done to make him so angry? Why is he trying to show the world, and more pointedly her, that he has totally eradicated her from his life and moved on? She’d already figured that one out when he broke up with her. Why the need to drive the message home? Why the need to put the photos up? They both live here, go to the same beaches, the same clubs and cafés, so it’s likely she’ll run into him at some point. Why did he have to do it like this?

A mutual friend said maybe he was doing all this to make her hate him so that she’d know it was totally over and move on. In other words, he was being cruel to be kind. It goes without saying that this friend of ours is a man, because only a male would have that kind of warped logic. Perhaps he’s right. Perhaps that is what her ex is doing. Even if it is, it’s not kind. And it shows very little respect for my friend, her feelings and the relationship they shared for so many years.

I know he’s going to realise my friend is the best thing since sliced bread. He’s unworthy of her though. In fact he’s worthy only of the peasant he’s currently attempting – and will fail – to replace my friend with. I heard this girl actually made a play for him. I still don’t think she’s really to blame.

Women make plays for attached men all the time. They’re certainly bitchy and nor do they score any brownie points for the sisterhood and all that, but it’s up to the man not to go for it all the same. After all he’s the one in the relationship, not this other woman. Don’t get me wrong, if I see her I’ll want to ‘accidentally’ trip her up (not to mention wish her a lifetime of battling cellulite down to her ankles), but at the same time I’m grateful to her for taking this lazy lump off my friend’s hands.

I know she doesn’t see it now, but eventually she will be grateful to this other woman too. How could she not: the guy is such a loser and has finally showed his true colours. I’d have actually had more respect for him if he’d admitted he’d been unfaithful to my friend, said he was sorry and ended it with integrity. Again though, he behaved like a creature from another planet. What can I say? Men. Inexplicable yet again.

(Source: Cyprus Mail)
Copyright © Cyprus Mail 2008 Please contact Cyprus Mail for the copyright terms of this article.

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