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By Peter Stevenson MEMBERS of Volunteer Doctors Cyprus have treated around 350 people at their free clinic in Nicosia since it opened three months ago, while two more, one in Paphos and one in Polis are due to open today. Limassol also has a free clinic, which was opened only last month, and plans have been drawn ...
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SOME 10 days ago, foreign minister Ioannis Kasoulides raised expectations by announcing the possibility of a deal with Turkey for the opening of the fenced off area of Famagusta, for the return of its inhabitants. In exchange the Cyprus government would agree to the opening of Tymbou airport to direct flights. ...
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By George Psyllides PRIVATE auditors have expressed doubt the electricity authority (EAC) could be considered a going concern and have asked its board to draft a credible plan to tackle the problem, according to the auditor-general’s 2012 report on the semi-state company. Among other issues, ...
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News embargoes are dangerous things

THE Archbishop’s TOP 50 - a week seldom goes by without the Archbishop of Cyprus dropping another provocative blooper. This week’s bitter pill – which we all have to swallow – relates to his rather careless accusation regarding ‘certain’ people on the Technical Committees. According to our somewhat anxious church leader some of these people’s views are identical to those of ‘Turkey’ because, one presumes, they voted ‘yes’ in the referendum. Evroko, the hard line rejectionist party were overjoyed with the Archbishop’s reactionary statement, recalling perhaps better times when former President Papadopoulos had them under his wing in government. Of course not being one to name names or gossip, the not-so-pious church leader then attempted to bring in the fire brigade by dousing the very same inflammatory comments with a call for unity. This vain plea was naturally based on the assumption that the said people who allegedly Xerox Turkey’s policy on Cyprus have naturally changed their minds. What our anachronistic and sectarian religious leader fails to understand is the unintentional and ironic links between the Turkish military establishment and his own personage. Not that they agree, just that they both share a dead-end and destructive policy for Cyprus through their persistence on breeding hatred and enmity on the island of love. They both lack tolerance and respect for diversity, and are totally dispossessed of constructive ideas for a solution. Oil and water, as many scientists and philosophers have proven through countless empirical and epistemological experiments, do not mix. Religious leaders interfering in politics is just as mindless as politicians dabbling in the affairs of the church.

RiP MARIOS….the passing of Marios Tokas saddened many of us on Easter Sunday. He had such a heartfelt, humble and warm personality. Having the honour of seeing him perform with Neshe Yashin for the first time in 1992 at The Camden Cypriot Festival was a special moment for me. The two had never met until that point despite having been linked aesthetically through Yashin’s statement/poem on Cyprus which Tokas set to music. ‘My Country is Divided’ became the unofficial national anthem of all peace-loving Cypriots. Marios Tokas will remain in our hearts forever, like an eternal light of creativity shining bright – even in the darkest of times.

THE IDES OF JUNE – looking forward to a solution is a challenging thought – long awaited, liberating even. There is however this niggling frustration of impending doom. This has been repeating itself from the day the Cyprus Problem was created. The doom merchants have been uttering the same things. The Military, Archbishops, politicians and, of course, the mass media have all engaged in a cacophonous fanning of the fires of hatred, pessimism and ‘othering’ the other to such an extent that the whole peace/solution process becomes a fruitless exercise. There are maybe a handful of people in the media throughout Cyprus and beyond who can see through the barbed destructive talk. They are up against regimented assembly-line consent manufacturers in Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Britain, Brussels and Washington. Even before the real talking starts, you get to feel that this negativity has commenced in newspaper headlines and vitriolic speeches from politicians. Attempts to curb this in the past by insisting on a news embargoes while talks went on failed for the same reason that banning a certain song to eradicate its message from people’s lips and minds always fails. In fact the opposite occurs, and that’s when all the scaremongers fly in like vultures. Recall Burgenstock – even before we knew what would happen the media slayers had done their demolition job meticulously. One approach that has not been tried is the complete opposite. Provide full clarity on what is happening with continuous and much-needed unbiased information to the people island wide. More than any thing else, there is a need for a liberating form of dialogue between people at all levels based on respect and tolerance. Our respective leaders have to sit at the conference table until a solution is agreed on. I do not want to point fingers or give pats on the back for good behaviour. All of that is childish, pointless and elementary school play ground stuff. It is time for every one to have the right to form unbiased and free opinions. Our consent should not be played with or taken lightly….It should also not be manipulated and misrepresented by any one….

(Source: Cyprus Mail)

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